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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

Thanks to Sue at  http://4scrappitite.blogspot.com/  for awarding me this wonderful blog award.:) I 
love blogging and looking at every ones amazing creations they make. There are so many out there that give  me inspiration. Now this award is designed to recognize bloggers who have fewer than 300 followers, but who put a lot of love into their work. For me to accept this award, I am to spread the love by recognizing up to 5 blogs whose work that I admire and that I follow.

Spreading love to the following blogs...
Cheryl @ http://easipeasicards.blogspot.com/ love her cards :)
Thanks to every one :)



  1. WOW...thank you so much for finding my Blog and for the award. I really appreciate it!!!

    I'll check out the other recipoents and let them know you sent me.

    I'll be back here too

  2. Thanks so much Jennifer...you know I love your work! We crafters follow our hearts and share our passion with others. It's fun to inspire and be inspired!

    Congrats to the others as well!

  3. Thank you Jennifer for thinking of me when giveing out this award, really means alot :) Will also check out the other blogs too. I just got my computer back so have a lot to get posted over the next few days:)