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Wednesday, August 3, 2011


More anniversary cards :).


Cut out the desired amount of petals you want, the size you want. I for the one big flower 22 petals @ 1" and 32 petals @ 1.5". The leaf stems I got from Craft Edge Forum ( I can't remember who sorry ) and I used a snowflake from the basic shapes on Scal2. I inked all the edges.

Shape petals.

Cut a 1" styrofoam ball in half and form into a smaller ball ( I used what size I had on hand ) and start gluing the smaller petals around it.

 Cup snowflakes.

Glue on larger petals.
Glue two of these together.
Glue on bud.

Here is the file for the petals if anyone needs it.


Here are some pictures of the notebooks/journals I made for gifts. I kept them simple. In side there is a pocket to put papers etc. in and the other side is for a removable note pad so it can be replace with a new one.

CSI ( certified scrapbooking instructor )

 I have great news. At my local Michaels (part-time job) we do not have a Scrapbooking Instructor. I thought it would be fun, so I took the course Spottedcanary School and passed. :):) In about two weeks I will receive my certificate. I can't wait. So for the next couple of months I will be busy setting it all up. Wish me luck. I will let you know when and where and what time the classes will be.